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Here’s a blog from our current apprentice Lewis Jones:

Leaving sixth form I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to do for a career. I knew, from previous summer work, I wanted to earn money and work as opposed to attending University and ending up in debt. Green Energy Switch presented an unmissable opportunity for an apprenticeship inside of their plentiful projects relating to Energy Services.
I started with GES on 20/09/2019 and have never stopped learning from day one. Green Energy Switch have been really supportive with my studies in Level 3 Business Administration alongside work. I have used a lot of my work in my portfolio which Green Energy Switch has been able to provide many various jobs that I have done which has enabled me to put together a strong portfolio to support my studies.

They allowed me plenty of great opportunities to help grow my personal skills which helped strengthen my apprenticeship studies too. I have learnt about Stakeholder Management, something that is crucial in all businesses, and many more lifelong skills and knowledge. I developed my communication skills and engagement with customers and became an Account Manager with some of our customers. I believe this is an experience no other company could offer at such an early career start.
Not only is Green Energy Switch developing my skills and work attitude, they have also taken me on Away Days to make me feel part of a team which included a trip to Alton Towers, lunch meals for birthdays and further training courses with colleagues.

Recently, I was shortlisted for the Final of Peterborough Apprentice of the Year and I nominated my Line Manager Sarah, who was shortlisted for the award of Mentor of the Year. This has greatly inspired me to desire a career within the energy industry and I am looking forward to progressing my career with of Green Energy Switch.

If you’d like to apply to be our next apprentice please contact Sarah Chatterton – or 01733 646253.

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