Help support community energy every time you boil the kettle

We are proud to announce that Co-op Energy’s ground-breaking ‘Community Power’ tariff is now available through Green Energy Switch


That means the electricity you use at home can help support community energy projects all over Great Britain.


As well as being over £160 a year cheaper than a Big Six standard variable deal*, every unit of electricity you use on the Community Power tariff is guaranteed to be backed by renewable electricity sourced from community energy projects.


That means every time you boil the kettle or turn on the TV, you are helping to support local renewable projects all over the country!


Plus, Co-op Energy fully offset the carbon emissions from your gas, too.


What you need to know about Co-op Energy


Co-op Energy is part of The Midcounties Co-operative, the UK’s largest independent co-operative, committed to fair pricing, honesty and simplicity.


Here’s what makes them different:


  • Owned by their members

  • Simple tariffs with no exit fees and clear, competitive pricing

  • Partnered with Octopus Energy, the Which? number one recommended energy supplier**

  • A friendly, UK-based call centre


What is community energy?


Community energy schemes literally put power in the hands of local people. Communities all over Great Britain are coming together to build their own wind turbines, solar farms or hydro schemes. By selling the electricity they generate, they raise money that can be channelled back into local communities, ensuring local people have control over their future energy supply, and supporting other carbon reduction projects.


Switch today and help support community energy


We’re so pleased to offer Co-op Energy’s community tariff, we’ve made it our tariff of the week. Just use our website to see how it compares with your current supplier.

And remember, we are not like other switching services – if you have a question, email us at or phone us on 01733 646253 and we’ll do our best to help.





* Price compares cost of energy for a year for a dual fuel household on a single rate meter using Ofgem’s ‘medium’ typical domestic consumption values, averaged across every region of Great Britain, with the average cost of a Big Six standard variable tariff for a similar household. Pricing data sourced from MyUtilityGenius on 18 May 2020.

** Because Co-op Energy is part of the Octopus Energy family, we are unable to help existing Octopus customers switch to Co-op Energy tariffs. Please contact Octopus directly if you are interested in Co-op Energy tariffs.

10 Reasons to switch with us

10 Reasons to switch your energy supplies with Green Energy Switch


Save Money

Our customers save over £230 a year on average.


Save the Planet

Switching to a green tariff can help tackle climate change.


Fantastic Customer Service

We vet every supplier to make sure their customer service is top notch.


100% Renewable Energy

Our tariffs are chosen based on their environmental credentials – from 100% ethical sources.


All Profits Gifted to an Environmental Charity work to protect and enhance the environment – making a difference now and for the future.


Value for Money

We have chosen competitive tariffs to save you money – being green should not cost the earth.


Switching Made Easy

Switch online in minutes or call us.


Your Power

We will match your power to 100% renewable electricity generated from sun, wind, water and biofuels.


Ofgem Accredited

Our site is powered by an Ofgem accredited comparison engine so you can have confidence in our pricing.


Be Smart

Act now and switch your energy, save money and the planet.


Switch here or call us 01733 646253