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Fuel Poverty Awareness Day will be held on 27th November this year.  It is the national day to raise awareness of some of the issues faced by those living in cold homes and the solutions available. This winter will be one of the most difficult in living memory.

Lockdown and increasing unemployment will create a situation where more people are forced to spend time in homes that they can’t afford to heat. Many people will use more, pay more and owe more, while earning considerably less.

Do you know someone that may, through no fault of their own be in this position? As mentioned, this year is particularly hard for some people that may not have been in this position before, and they may not be used to asking for help.

We are all in this together, so keep an eye out for those that really need some help. Many people don’t know that there are schemes in place to help them and Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is one of those days when we can consider this. Many communities have come together in greater ways than they had pre-pandemic and this shows the level of care we can have for one another.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is an invaluable opportunity to encourage householders to seek support at the start of the winter period.

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