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5 benefits of the LEAP Scheme

By September 8, 2021No Comments

The LEAP scheme is a free service that is helping people keep warm and reduce their energy bills without costing them any money. Here are Green Energy Switch we offer this service as a LEAP partner in the Peterborough, Rutland, Fenland and South Cambridgeshire areas. So, what are the benefits of LEAP?

  1. It’s free

There isn’t much in this world that is free, but this service is totally free. All you have to do is apply to see if you meet the criteria set out by the LEAP service. Quite often we all know someone that could benefit from this service.

2. We visit your home

From September 2021 we are re-introducing home visits, as this will help our Home Energy Advisors build an accurate picture of how they can help cut energy costs and save you money. If someone is still nervous, then we can offer this service over the phone as we did during the lock downs.

3. Free Energy advice

As part of the service we look at your current energy suppliers and see whether you are on the best tariff for your usage. This is free impartial advice and we can liaise with the energy providers to sort out any problems too. Many of our clients are elderly and sometime have problems with this, so they could instantly save money by using the right tariff.

4. Installation of energy saving products

This part of the visit is also totally free. Our Home Energy Advisors will install free LED lightbulbs; draught[proofing; radiator reflector panels; TV standby extension leads and a Google NEST thermostat for eligible residents.

5. Referral for property enhancements

As part of the LEAP scheme we also work with ECO who may be able to deliver funding to upgrade insulation or boiler replacement or repair.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this free service use the contact details below to find out whether you are eligible. Fuel poverty has become even more prevalent over the last year, so you might be entitled even if you consider you aren’t.


Call: 0800 060 7567 or 01733 646253

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