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How LEAP helps people

By October 28, 2021No Comments

Here at GES we talk about the LEAP service a lot as we know the real impact it can have on peoples lives. Those that are struggling are often overlooked, they may not been in a system that brings them all that they entitled to, here is one case in point:

Carol is a lovely lady who helped her neighbour Rose access LEAP:

Carol heard about LEAP from a leaflet from South Cambridgeshire Council. She and Rose had a telephone advice call with Ken (from GES), who let her know about the Warm Home Discount, and Rose has now received the £140 discount. Following the call, Ken carried out a home visit to install easy measures (these include draught excluders, LED lightbulbs and more). He also referred Rose for the Stay Well grant, which provided £250 worth of heating oil, to get her heating back on after months without. 

Carol said she was very very pleased with the service and hadn’t know about these schemes until they had their LEAP call.

We work hard to publicise this scheme around Peterborough, Rutland and South Cambridgeshire and help is available to those that qualify for the scheme. We do rely on members of the public, friends, relatives and health practitioners to help to refer those people that really can’t do this on their own.

So if you know someone like Rose, then you’ll find all the information you need here.

Also keep an eye out on our social channels as we will let you know when we are out and about at events.

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