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LEAP helping those that need it

By December 22, 2021May 31st, 2022No Comments

We talk a lot about LEAP because we know the good it can do for people. With 4 million people in fuel poverty according to the recent figures from the NEA on fuel poverty awareness day, we all must know someone in this position.

Our thoughts immediately go to elderly neighbours and relatives, but with people losing jobs during the pandemic and getting into debt during the days of furlough, the average person you see walking down the street could be suffering. This is why we are letting people know more about our case studies, so it can show both how diverse the LEAP service is and the types of people it can help.

One recent case:

James found out about LEAP from the Peterborough Job Centre. His fridge was broken and he was using a sink of cold water to keep his food cold. He had a LEAP visit from our Home Energy Advisor and was referred for a replacement fridge which he received free of charge. During the visit any Halogen bulbs were replaced with cheaper LED bulbs and the battery in his smoke alarm was replaced, making his flat much safer.

James was very happy and let his friends know about the scheme.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to show how helpful the LEAP scheme has been to people, giving others the confidence to apply. If you or someone else you know could benefit from the scheme – you can apply for yourself or refer someone else here.

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