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LEAP has a real place in our local community as it helps local residents save energy and money. That is all important at this time of year when people are using more energy and heat. An energy crisis like this is something we have not seen for years and the hike in energy prices is something that will hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

It is those most vulnerable that we aim to help, whether that be a single mum, a family or a retired resident.

Here are a few of the testimonials we have collected from some of the people we have helped locally:

  • Resident said that the Home Energy Advisor was very helpful and spent time calling her energy company looking for a better deal and did manage to find her cheaper tariff which she is now on.  The resident is with a supplier but isn’t happy and wants to switch to one of cheaper suppliers that we found online for her. Resident is waiting until she doesn’t have to pay any exit fees and then she will switch.  
  • The resident advised our Home Energy Advisor covered huge grounds on everything – she had a lot of questions that she asked and he helped her with – this put her mind to rest on things she was concerned about. She felt a lot more informed about everything.
  • The resident advised her call with the Home Energy Advisor was so positive and good she was over the moon with the advice she received. She said, “Ken was a very knowledgeable person and very reassuring and very helpful and I really appreciated the help he gave me”.
  • As resident picked our Home Energy Advisors brains on a couple of different things, especially how to approach her landlord on a few things which she has now done and feels much better for.
  • Resident was very happy with her experience with LEAP – she was referred over by her sister for some general advice/support and help with her energy bills. The bookings process was straightforward, and everyone she has spoken to was helpful and friendly. She said that our Home Energy Advisor was excellent.

We always try and collect case studies and testimonials so that others can see how we are helping people.

Either refer yourself or someone else here and let’s get through this cold winter together. We deliver the LEAP scheme in conjunction with Peterborough City Council, Rutland County Council and South Cambridgeshire Council.

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