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Earth Day 2022: Energy Saving tips

With the effects of global warming worsening, and energy prices soaring; now more than ever we need to cut down on our carbon footprint. You can help protect the planet and your money by following these simple steps.

Switch to online billing- ditch the paper bills and switch to online billing to save on paper waste. Paperless tariffs are the most cost effective too as suppliers often charge a premium for you to have bills posted.

Turn down radiators in unused rooms – check if your radiators have valves you can turn down to avoid heating up your whole house unnecessarily. This could really cut down on your gas bill. Remember to shut the door to any rooms you aren’t heating up!

Avoid tumble dryers- one of the most expensive appliances you can use is your tumble dryer, so switch to drying clothes outside in summer or on clothes racks inside to save an average of £60 a year. If you are drying clothes inside remember to open windows to vent out moisture.

Replace light bulbs with Energy Saving LEDs – upgrading an old halogen bulb to an LED bulb can save you £10 a year per bulb! Plus they last longer so you’ll save on the cost of replacing bulbs!

Check your boiler temperature- did you know you can alter the temperature your boiler heats hot water to –if yours is still at the standard 80 degrees, try turning it down to 60-70 degrees to make your boiler more efficient. (Only do this if you have a condensing combi boiler)

Funding for Green measures – the government is offering funding through local councils for renewable measures such as solar panels and biomass boilers and insulation. Check with your local council to see if there’s a LAD funding scheme available near you and if you are eligible.

Have a free LEAP energy advice call for further support on saving energy and money book in for a call with an advisor! We offer free measures such as LED bulbs, radiator reflector panels and draught proofing, along with helpful advice.

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