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The UK’s Autumn Statement was announced yesterday, we will look at how this will affect your energy bills

What does the Autumn Statement mean for your energy bills?

What does this statement actually mean for your energy bills, we help break this down for you.

Yesterday Jeremy Hunt announced that the energy price cap would rise to £3,000 per year (for an average household) from April 2023. This is a rise on the current price cap in place at £2,500 per year. The freeze is in place for 12 months. The Chancellor has currently ruled out any additional government help for all, like the current £400 energy help from the government. What impact is this going to have on household bills?

Impact on Household Bills

We all know this is going to have an impact on our Energy Bills but how much will we feel this impact?

The impact will unfortunately be felt by all. The price increase realistically means that an average household will be paying £250 per month for their energy. Which in most cases is around double the amount that those households would have been paying prior to the energy crisis. Meaning the impact will be felt hugely and will affect households that have not been in fuel poverty before.

It was expected that if the government did not freeze the price cap rise at £3,000 per year it would have risen to an average of £3,750 a year. However many households are already finding the energy prices unaffordable and more people are in fuel poverty than ever before.

What help is available?

What help is available and who can access it?

The government announced yesterday that whilst there is no additional “energy help”. Those most in need will be getting extra help, which includes:

*Additional cost of living payments next year of £900 to households on means-tested benefits;

*£300 to pensioner households

*£150 for individuals on disability benefit.

Additional information on what financial support is already out there, can be found below:

What else can I do?

There is other help available. The Leap Service is free and available in most parts of the country, please see the link below which explains how the Leap Service can help you and how to arrange a visit ?

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