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With the government announcing no new petrol or diesel cars will be produced past 2035; now is the time to start thinking about your business infrastructure. This means eventually you will need to invest in electric company cars and electric vehicle charging installations. By having EV charging on site, it will save you time and money.

What did the government announce, and why should your business care?

The ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars has been delayed to 2035. The previous plan was to ban them by 2030. However, petrol and diesel cars will still be able to be sold second hand. The reasoning the Prime Minister gave for this change is to allow people more time to make the transition to electric cars as the upfront cost can be high.

Despite the 5-year delay on the ban on the selling of diesel and petrol cars, the transition to electric cars is still inevitable.

What are the benefits of having EV chargers installed?

Well, firstly, you have the environmental side of things. It means your company will be enhancing their sustainable practices, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This can improve your brand image and attract eco-conscious customers.

Speaking of attracting customers, there is also the potential to generate revenue. As more people transition to electric vehicles, they will be looking for EV charging in convenient places while they shop, dine, or visit your business. You can charge them to use your charging stations.

It will also mean as time goes on, more of your staff members will transition to electric cars, you may have even already seen some make the transition. Staff will be gain the benefit of being able to charge at work, and you can offer them staff rates different to public rates.

How can we help you and your business with EV charging?

We offer a fully managed, free* EV charger installation service for businesses to help ease this transition.

*The offering is for a free 7.3Kwh AC twin charger, but other chargers are available. Businesses are subject to site visit and hitting the broad qualification criteria.

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