We Are Hiring!

Would you like the chance to join our forward thinking and dynamic team?


We require a flexible, hardworking, quick thinking individual to join our team due to the expansion of our current services. 


About us: 


Green Energy Switch (GES) is a dynamic, versatile company that delivers a broad range of energy services across the UK; specialising in working with social landlords and local authorities.  Established in 2006 GES is a subsidiary of environmental charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT).  Any profits made by GES are gifted back to PECT to help fund its vital work. 


Job title: Support Officer 


 Role responsibilities: 


  • To support the day to day operations of the office 
  • To deal with correspondence and telephone calls for enquiries, dealing with clients and resolving queries 
  • To manage the data contained in our online portal 
  • Receive, record and process all data and information from partner organisations and ensure that this is passed on to the supply partners within agreed timescales 
  • Provide energy services advice and relevant information to tenants, staff of partner organisations and members of the public 
  • Key account management of allocated partners, monthly calls to partners, creating reports and ensuring that they are well informed and happy with the service we provide 
  • To undertake mail shots and sales calls as required 
  • Assist the Project Manager with the development of new projects and initiatives 
  • Working through large amounts of energy bills, making sure that the bills are worked out accurately. 
  • Answering emails proactively within a busy inbox 
  • Working through incoming post and re distributing. 
  • Other administration and office tasks as needed, such as filing, photocopying and telephone answering 


Required Criteria 


  • Previous work experience within an office environment, minimum 1 years’ experience 
  • An administrative or sales background  
  • Able to work under pressure, a good multitasker with the ability to work to targets and deadlines 
  • Excellent IT skills, Microsoft word/excel/outlook 
  • Highly organised with the ability to manage working on several projects at the same time 
  • A professional telephone manner when making and receiving customer calls 
  • Experience of working in the energy industry-desirable 
  • Proactive and able to work on own initiative and prioritise own workload 
  • A self-starter that can quickly pick up processes  
 Employer: Green Energy Switch 


Based: This position will be based at Green Energy Switch’s offices: Ham Lane House, Ham Lane, Peterborough, PE2 5UU  


Salary (per annum):  starting salary will be £19,500 


Closing Date for applications:  Monday 30th November 2020 at 12pm 


Start Date:  asap 


Hours/Week:  Full time, permanent position –  37 hours per week working Mon to Thu 9.00-17.00 and Friday 9.00-16.30
Reports to:  Project Manager 


COVID-19 considerations: To keep our employees safe we are currently working from home; however training will be provided at the office in a Covid secure manner. 


 To apply: 


Please email your cv along with a covering letter to Maxine Palmer, Director – maxine.palmer@greenenergyswitch.co.uk  


 If shortlisted for interview you may be required to prepare a presentation or complete a brief task, relevant to the role, as part of the interview. If you have any questions about this role, please contact Sarah Chatterton – sarah.chatterton@greenenergyswitch.co.uk or 01733 646253  


Fuel Poverty Awareness Day


Fuel Poverty Awareness Day will be held on 27th November this year.  It is the national day to raise awareness of some of the issues faced by those living in cold homes and the solutions available. This winter will be one of the most difficult in living memory. Lockdown and increasing unemployment will create a situation where more people are forced to spend time in homes that they can’t afford to heat. Many people will use more, pay more and owe more, while earning considerably less.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is an invaluable opportunity to encourage householders to seek support at the start of the winter period.

Call us now on 0800 060 7567 or email support@applyforleap.org.uk

#FuelPovertyAwarenessDay #WarmSafeHomes #savetimemoneyeffort

Stay well this winter

LEAP is delighted to part of Be Well in Cambridgeshire’s ‘Stay Well this Winter’ programme, which is a network of partners who work across the local health and social care system to mitigate the risks associated with cold weather to the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable groups who live in cold homes due to fuel poverty.

If you are at risk of or living in fuel poverty, there are several ways in which your local stay well this winter programme can help you access the services, information and potentially even financial support to keep warm and well this winter, whilst reducing your energy bills.

Leap is back!

Leap Returns!

We’re delighted to let you all know that LEAP is back up and running – and now offering telephone advice calls, with follow up visits if necessary. Please fill in our online form and get your advice call booked in today. It’s totally FREE and you could end up saving money, as well as transforming your cold home into a cosy one in time for winter.

Visit: https://applyforleap.org.uk/apply/

Green Homes Grant

The new £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme will fund up to two-thirds of the cost of energy saving home improvements in England.


What is the Green Homes Grant scheme?

Under the Green Homes Grant Scheme, homeowners and landlords in England will be able to apply for vouchers worth up to two thirds of the cost of upgrading the energy efficiency of their home. For most people, the maximum contribution will be £5,000. Households on low incomes will be eligible for up to 100% funding, up to a maximum of £10,000.

Find out whether your home is eligible for a grant via the UK Government website.

Who can get Green Homes Grant scheme vouchers?

Only homeowners, including owner occupiers and social/private landlords, in England will be able to access the scheme.

How do you get the vouchers?

Advice and support on energy efficiency improvements is available to homeowners from the Simple Energy Advice service.

Simple Energy Advice will suggest appropriate home improvements that homeowners may be able to apply for support in funding.

They will then direct households to a list of approved TrustMark and or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registered tradespeople in their local area to carry out the work. You can find accredited installers in your area using this tool.

Once the works are agreed, you can apply for a voucher on the government’s Green Homes Grant page.

What can I do now?

Head to the Green Homes Grant guide on the UK Government website. From here, you can check eligibility and find home improvements. You will then be asked to complete a survey about your home and its occupants to identify what measures might be suitable. Simple Energy Advice will suggest options with cost estimates and the contact details of local eligible tradespeople who could carry out the work.

When you apply for the voucher, you will need to include details of your chosen measures and tradespeople. So, before then, you will need to contact relevant tradespeople for each of your chosen measures to arrange for them to visit to survey your property (where relevant) and quote for the measure.

The UK Government suggests that quotes should be carried out via a physical inspection where possible. We recommend you get at least three quotes from three different installers.

This grant scheme is only open for a very limited time – until 31 March 2021 – and eligible tradespeople are likely to be very busy. To ensure you can benefit, we recommend you start organising quotes as possible to make sure that your improvements can be completed within this timeframe.

You can apply for vouchers here.

What work can you do with the Green Homes Grant Scheme vouchers?

The Green Homes Grant Scheme will provide vouchers to install one or more energy saving measures, including:

Households will need to install at least one of these measures above to qualify for funding.

In addition, you can use your voucher for further energy saving measures, including one or more of the following:

Related costs and blending finance

The vouchers will also cover some supplementary costs. These include professional services (such as structural engineer costs), contractor costs (such as waste removal and scaffolding) and associated work, such as improving ventilation and changes to pipework and radiators. Check out the full list of supplementary costs.

There may be cases (for example, with low carbon heating) where the voucher doesn’t cover the whole cost. In some cases, it will be possible to combine the voucher with another scheme to promote low carbon heating, the Renewable Heat Incentive. To do this, you will need to apply for the Green Homes Grant voucher first and use this to install a heat pump, for example. Once the measure is in place and the voucher redeemed, you can apply to the Renewable Heat Incentive. If you are eligible, this will provide you with quarterly payments minus the amount you received from the Green Homes Grant. Find out more about combining the two schemes.



Help support community energy every time you boil the kettle

We are proud to announce that Co-op Energy’s ground-breaking ‘Community Power’ tariff is now available through Green Energy Switch


That means the electricity you use at home can help support community energy projects all over Great Britain.


As well as being over £160 a year cheaper than a Big Six standard variable deal*, every unit of electricity you use on the Community Power tariff is guaranteed to be backed by renewable electricity sourced from community energy projects.


That means every time you boil the kettle or turn on the TV, you are helping to support local renewable projects all over the country!


Plus, Co-op Energy fully offset the carbon emissions from your gas, too.


What you need to know about Co-op Energy


Co-op Energy is part of The Midcounties Co-operative, the UK’s largest independent co-operative, committed to fair pricing, honesty and simplicity.


Here’s what makes them different:


  • Owned by their members

  • Simple tariffs with no exit fees and clear, competitive pricing

  • Partnered with Octopus Energy, the Which? number one recommended energy supplier**

  • A friendly, UK-based call centre


What is community energy?


Community energy schemes literally put power in the hands of local people. Communities all over Great Britain are coming together to build their own wind turbines, solar farms or hydro schemes. By selling the electricity they generate, they raise money that can be channelled back into local communities, ensuring local people have control over their future energy supply, and supporting other carbon reduction projects.


Switch today and help support community energy


We’re so pleased to offer Co-op Energy’s community tariff, we’ve made it our tariff of the week. Just use our website to see how it compares with your current supplier.

And remember, we are not like other switching services – if you have a question, email us at info@greenenergyswitch.co.uk or phone us on 01733 646253 and we’ll do our best to help.





* Price compares cost of energy for a year for a dual fuel household on a single rate meter using Ofgem’s ‘medium’ typical domestic consumption values, averaged across every region of Great Britain, with the average cost of a Big Six standard variable tariff for a similar household. Pricing data sourced from MyUtilityGenius on 18 May 2020.

** Because Co-op Energy is part of the Octopus Energy family, we are unable to help existing Octopus customers switch to Co-op Energy tariffs. Please contact Octopus directly if you are interested in Co-op Energy tariffs.

10 Reasons to switch with us

10 Reasons to switch your energy supplies with Green Energy Switch


Save Money

Our customers save over £230 a year on average.


Save the Planet

Switching to a green tariff can help tackle climate change.


Fantastic Customer Service

We vet every supplier to make sure their customer service is top notch.


100% Renewable Energy

Our tariffs are chosen based on their environmental credentials – from 100% ethical sources.


All Profits Gifted to an Environmental Charity

www.pect.org.uk work to protect and enhance the environment – making a difference now and for the future.


Value for Money

We have chosen competitive tariffs to save you money – being green should not cost the earth.


Switching Made Easy

Switch online in minutes or call us.


Your Power

We will match your power to 100% renewable electricity generated from sun, wind, water and biofuels.


Ofgem Accredited

Our site is powered by an Ofgem accredited comparison engine so you can have confidence in our pricing.


Be Smart

Act now and switch your energy, save money and the planet.


Switch here https://bit.ly/2W3ScBt or call us 01733 646253


Green Energy Switch would like to offer you some energy saving tips for when you are working from home.

With the UK under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we are all spending a lot more time at home. All those cups of coffee, plugged in laptops and streamed TV shows are adding up to a bigger household energy footprint.
Whether you’re looking to keep your bill to a minimum or lessen your environmental impact, here are some suggestions for a greener office life indoors:

The working day

Thousands of people who wouldn’t normally work from home are now doing so. This means that instead of using the office’s heating and electricity, you’re using your own. Here’s a few ideas for being more energy efficient.

Less travelling

OK, so this isn’t a choice. But one positive about being at home is the reduction in both carbon emissions and air pollution from the huge drop in car journeys. Instead, you could sometimes use your outdoor time for the day to ‘commute’ to or from the home office with a run, walk or cycle.

Your workstation

If you’re making do with a DIY office, try to choose a spot with plenty of natural light so that you don’t have to have lights on all day. Turning down the brightness of your monitor uses less energy too, and also don’t charge your phone overnight, instead charge it while working, plug it into your laptop.


The Energy Saving Trust recommends a range of 18-21ºC for healthy adults. If you tend to have the heating at the higher end of the scale, turning it down by just one degree saves energy and money. Time to make the most of your new work wardrobe of cosy jumpers, dressing gown and slippers!

Coffee and tea break

Remember don’t overfill your kettle only boil the amount of water you need for the number of drinks you are making at the time. Even if you drink a lot of hot drinks during the day, it’s still more energy efficient to boil what you need each time you make a drink rather than fill the kettle at the start of the day and boil too much water.

Lunch break

Think about food waste, at this time, many of us are more aware of our food supplies. How can you make sure that you don’t waste what you’ve got? Think about using leftover meat to make soups and stews or boiling up vegetable peelings to make veggie stock.

Take a screen break, spending time offline can help give your mind a rest – and don’t forget to switch your monitor off and close your laptop to save energy.

Turn it all off

Finish the working day by closing down your computer and turning it off at the plug. Don’t leave it on standby all night. You could also try to get into this habit with other appliances, too.

Check your gas and electric bill

Is your energy bill ready for renewal? Have you been meaning to switch your energy to see if you could reduce your gas and electricity bills? Well now is the time to do it, don’t delay. Compare your energy bill with us – we have a switching site that compares all the best clean, green energy providers that offer value for money, great customer service and are 100% ethical.

You can do the switch yourself here on our website – https://www.greenenergyswitch.co.uk/switch-energy-tariff/ or if you prefer to speak to someone for help and advice then please call our friendly team on 01733 646253. It’s easy – what are you waiting for.

There are no costs for the user in switching through the site, but an additional benefit is that any profits made by Green Energy Switch are gifted back to the environmental charity PECT to help fund its vital work. For further details about PECT’s work, take a look at www.pect.org.uk.

Other energy saving tips

There are plenty of other things you can do to make your home energy efficient. Visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk for more ideas.

Green Energy Switch – Simply the best energy management service saving you time, money and effort. www.greenenergyswitch.co.ukinfo@greenenergyswitch.co.uk – 01733 646253

Solar Panels

Switch to Green Energy for your home – to save money and help fund local charity work!

Newly launched this spring, www.greenenergyswitch.co.uk provides you with easy access to a comparison of 100% green energy tariffs. With self-isolation measures and remote-working restrictions currently in force, home energy bills are set to rise – so why don’t you make the switch and save online today?

Green Energy Switch is offering a selection of the best renewable energy tariffs, chosen on the strict criteria of providing value for money, fantastic customer service and because they are 100% ethical.

Switching to a green tariff could save you money and help tackle climate change. Homes save £230 a year on average by switching to renewable energy through the site.

The only tariffs listed are those where the supplier can guarantee that 100% of the electricity sold is matched by energy from renewables. Green energy means power generated from the elements (such as sun, wind and water), and biofuels (gas released by rotting food and agricultural waste). Choosing a green energy supplier can help play a part in tackling climate change and improving air quality.

“Through this campaign we’re hoping to encourage large numbers of UK households to switch to affordable and renewable energy tariffs,” says Maxine Palmer, Director at Green Energy Switch. “By doing so we hope to cut carbon in the UK and tackle climate change. We want to create a positive movement towards making greener choices, both at home and in our business lives, and to help support future investment in renewables.”

There are no costs for the user in switching through the site, but an additional benefit is that any profits made by Green Energy Switch are gifted back to the environmental charity PECT to help fund its vital work.

The charity works with communities, schools, businesses and voluntary organisations to make a real difference to people’s lives and enable change for a sustainable future. Whether it’s helping people stay warm and healthy at home, tackling social isolation, and supporting environmental education in schools or protecting and transforming local landscapes – the funds will go towards benefitting people, wildlife and the environment.

Green Energy Switch is a Peterborough-based service provider that delivers a range of environmental energy-related services across the UK. These include helping businesses and residents with commercial energy, solar power, electric vehicle charging points, LED lighting, home energy advice, Energy Performance Certificates, and providing a national Void Management Service.

To switch to renewable energy online, visit www.greenenergyswitch.co.uk. For more information about Green Energy Switch, call 01733 646253 or email info@greenenergyswitch.co.uk.

For further details about PECT’s work, take a look at www.pect.org.uk.