On average, energy bills account for more than £1000 of the annual expenditure of a household. However, with a bit of knowledge and know-how, you can help to cut the size of your energy bill. In this post, we take a look at our five favourite energy saving tips.

Energy Saving Tips: 1 – Turn off Standby Appliances

Leaving your appliances on standby is an easy habit to fall into. From TVs to radios, almost all of our household electrical appliances have a handy standby button standing by, just in case we can’t be bothered to stand up and turn the appliance off properly. But while it might be easier to press the red button it certainly isn’t cheaper.

Average annual saving: depending on the number of appliances you have, turning all of them off properly could save you £30 in just one year.

Energy Saving Tips: 2 – Put on a Jumper

There’s no denying that it can get very cold in England, almost regardless of the season. A common reaction to feeling the freeze is to turn up the heat with the thermostat, but there is a better way to address this problem – instead try putting on an extra layer of clothing.

Average annual saving: just by having the thermostat down an average of one degree a day can save you around £85 a year.

Energy Saving Tips: 3 – Don’t Overfill the Kettle

When boiling the kettle for a cuppa, don’t overfill the kettle – only put in as much water as you need. This will help to reduce the amount of power required to boil the water. It should also, in theory, mean that your kettle is working less so should suffer less wear and tear in the long run, as well as helping you to reduce your water usage.

Average annual saving: this water saving tactic could help you to reduce your yearly energy bill by as much as £7.

Energy Saving Tips: 4 – Think about Getting a Smart Thermostat

Ok, so thinking about getting a smart thermostat won’t save you money – but actually going out and getting one could. These clever devices allow you to use energy much more efficiently. You can programme them to come on at a certain time and at a certain temperature. Through experience, the thermostats learn the most efficient way to heat up your home. You can control them remotely by operating them from your smartphone.

Average annual saving: a smart thermostat can cost in the region of £200 but can help you to recoup more than half that in just one year – making it a great long-term investment.

Energy Saving Tips: 5 – Be Green with Your Washing Machine

The average household spends some £130 every year on washing – that’s a lot of money going down the drain. One very cunning (if a little unhygienic) way to cut your costs is to stop washing your clothes completely. A less cunning, but possibly cleaner, strategy, is to switch the temperature you wash at from 40 degrees to 30 degrees.

Average annual saving: this small step could you save you around £52 every year!

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