Green Energy Switch (GES) recognises that all businesses impact on the environment in a variety of different
ways. As such we are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance in relation to our services and operations.

We have identified the following key environmental impacts associated with our general office setting within
which we aid letting agents, landlords and housing associations in the management of void properties across
England. We also aim to advise or assist in matters of energy consumption and bills, and solar panel installation projects.

  • Use and disposal of paper
  • Consumption of electricity and water
  • Office stationary ordering and management
  • Fuel consumption by home visits team

The company is committed to reducing these and other impacts and to the continual improvement of our
environmental performance. To help achieve this, Green Energy Switch (GES)are working towards Investors in the Environment Bronze accreditation.

We are committed to working with our staff, customers, suppliers, investors, contractors, regulatory bodies and neighbours to achieve the following objectives;

  • Meet and where possible exceed all environmental regulations relevant to our organisation and its
  • Increase cost-effectiveness by reducing our consumption of energy and raw materials
  • Reduce waste, pollution and noise both locally and in the wider environment
  • Systematically assess all aspects of our company
  • Set targets for measurable annual improvements

It is the responsibility of all employees, visitors and contractors to fully support this policy through active
participation and co-operation.

The introduction and implementation of this policy is a commitment of Green Energy Switch (GES)
management and a shared responsibility with our employees. Naomi Tilley has designated responsibility for
day-to-day implementation of this policy.

The policy will be reviewed annually as part of the organisations overall environment management plan.

SIGNED: Sarah Steels

POSITION: Operations Manager
DATE: 30 th May 2018