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Simple energy saving measures for your home

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How does it work?

Once your eligibility has been checked, an appointment (at a time convenient for you) will be booked for you by the LEAP contact centre team. A highly trained LEAP Home Energy Advisor will then visit your home and carry out a home visit. During the home visit, the advisor will conduct a thorough assessment of your home and try to offer immediate help.

The advisor can install a range of simple energy saving measures where necessary, such as draught proofing or LED lightbulbs, provide energy efficiency advice and help you to look for a better deal on energy bills. The Home Energy Advisor will also leave behind a Home Visit Pack which will include details of the help and advice given to you as well as contact details of other organisations offering further support.

After the Visit

Based on the findings of your home visit there are a range of onward services that can be offered. These might include a referral to an income maximisation service, an assessment for larger energy efficiency measures (insulation and heating) and identification of serious hazards in the home.


LEAP has some very broad eligibility requirements. We want to be able to help as many people as we can by extending the service to anyone that either is already in or is at risk of falling into fuel poverty. It is open to all types of householders – homeowners, private renters and social housing tenants. 

Check here to see if you are eligible:



All of our support is free thanks to the LEAP Scheme. The scheme is a free service that is helping people keep warm and reduce their energy bills without costing them any money. The eligibility requirements of LEAP are designed to target households that either are already in, or are at risk of falling in to fuel poverty.

It is open to all types of householders – homeowners, private renters and social housing tenants. According to the official Committee on Fuel Poverty, over 10% of households in England are in fuel poverty. ‘Fuel poverty is defined as a situation where someone who is on a relatively low income lives in a house that cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost. All eligibility criteria can be found on the LEAP website.

How to book a visit

Please contact Green Energy Switch for more information or to book an appointment on 01733 646253 or email

Alternatively you can fill in this form, selecting ‘Home Visit’ and a member of the team will reach out to you. This free service is there to help those that need it.

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