We’d like to say a big thank you to Eesha Ali, who has spent a great two weeks with GES on work experience! Eesha settled into the GES office incredibly well, so well in fact that she could be mistaken for being a GES staff member! Eesha, has written us a blog to share how her two weeks with us were, Thanks Eesha!!

Hello, my name is Eesha and I am 15 years old. I have just finished two weeks of my work experience. My two weeks have been an incredible interesting and fun experience which went far too quickly. Everyone gave a welcome of themselves, who they and what they do for the job.

In this period, I have learnt so many things and tried a lot of new things that I haven’t done before. The stuff that I tried out are putting data in the spreadsheets, making phone calls, opening the post and sorting out the gas cards, which are ordered for the voids scheme customers.
When doing the gas cards, we need to ring the energy supplier that we are working with to find the addresses and the post codes that relate to the number on the gas cards, then put them in to the spreadsheets and put all the data in. We use this website called Green Energy Switch Portal, which we find the addresses to find out information about the property if the tenants are moved in or out. The gas cards are going to the RSL (Resident Social Landlord) and then to the resident who needs to measure their debt on the gas meter, which can tell them how much money they have got on their card.

I’ve been making phone calls to the people, going through a Travel Choice Survey with them. At first I was a bit nervous but after the first few phone calls it became easier! Also, I shadowed people, sat with them and ask them what their job roles are and I worked with them.

Since this work experience I have learnt so much, everyone has helped me with all the stuff that I didn’t understand. I answered a lot of questions of the things that I really didn’t understand. I think that I made a good work experience here. Since I have started my work experience I have been working with the adults in the office more. My peers at school are mostly working with children, people and adults in shopping places.

Eesha Ali

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