Switch to Green Energy for your home – to save money and help fund local charity work!

Newly launched this spring, www.greenenergyswitch.co.uk provides you with easy access to a comparison of 100% green energy tariffs. With self-isolation measures and remote-working restrictions currently in force, home energy bills are set to rise – so why don’t you make the switch and save online today?

Green Energy Switch is offering a selection of the best renewable energy tariffs, chosen on the strict criteria of providing value for money, fantastic customer service and because they are 100% ethical.

Switching to a green tariff could save you money and help tackle climate change. Homes save £230 a year on average by switching to renewable energy through the site.

The only tariffs listed are those where the supplier can guarantee that 100% of the electricity sold is matched by energy from renewables. Green energy means power generated from the elements (such as sun, wind and water), and biofuels (gas released by rotting food and agricultural waste). Choosing a green energy supplier can help play a part in tackling climate change and improving air quality.

“Through this campaign we’re hoping to encourage large numbers of UK households to switch to affordable and renewable energy tariffs,” says Maxine Palmer, Director at Green Energy Switch. “By doing so we hope to cut carbon in the UK and tackle climate change. We want to create a positive movement towards making greener choices, both at home and in our business lives, and to help support future investment in renewables.”

There are no costs for the user in switching through the site, but an additional benefit is that any profits made by Green Energy Switch are gifted back to the environmental charity PECT to help fund its vital work.

The charity works with communities, schools, businesses and voluntary organisations to make a real difference to people’s lives and enable change for a sustainable future. Whether it’s helping people stay warm and healthy at home, tackling social isolation, and supporting environmental education in schools or protecting and transforming local landscapes – the funds will go towards benefitting people, wildlife and the environment.

Green Energy Switch is a Peterborough-based service provider that delivers a range of environmental energy-related services across the UK. These include helping businesses and residents with commercial energy, solar power, electric vehicle charging points, LED lighting, home energy advice, Energy Performance Certificates, and providing a national Void Management Service.

To switch to renewable energy online, visit www.greenenergyswitch.co.uk. For more information about Green Energy Switch, call 01733 646253 or email info@greenenergyswitch.co.uk.

For further details about PECT’s work, take a look at www.pect.org.uk.

GES is on the hunt for its next Apprentice

Lewis at Green Energy Switch
Here’s a blog from our current apprentice Lewis Jones:

Leaving sixth form I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to do for a career. I knew, from previous summer work, I wanted to earn money and work as opposed to attending University and ending up in debt. Green Energy Switch presented an unmissable opportunity for an apprenticeship inside of their plentiful projects relating to Energy Services.
I started with GES on 20/09/2019 and have never stopped learning from day one. Green Energy Switch have been really supportive with my studies in Level 3 Business Administration alongside work. I have used a lot of my work in my portfolio which Green Energy Switch has been able to provide many various jobs that I have done which has enabled me to put together a strong portfolio to support my studies.

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