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Are looking to invest in electric car charging stations (EV charging points) for your business? This is becoming an extremely popular investment over the last year, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Below we have answered some common questions and discussed areas to think about.

Why install electric vehicle charging points?

With the government announcing that no petrol or diesel cars will be produced past 2030; now is the time to start thinking about your business infrastructure. This means eventually you will need to invest in electric company cars; by having EV charging points installed on site, it will save you time and money. According to EDF energy, there are more than 35,000 electric car charging points across the UK! And this is set to grow.

How much does it cost to install?

This is all dependent on the type of charger you install and how many charging points. Other areas to consider is if your EV charging points are being retrofitted or being installed on a new business premises. Many factors can impact cost, our team can provide you with a quote.

Employee incentives

By installing EV charging points across your business there is an opportunity to offer it as an employee benefit for working for your company. This will also help to encourage employees to invest in electric vehicles, meaning it will have a positive impact in reducing carbon emissions traveling to and from work. You could also offer this to any customers that come to your site.

How long does it take to charge a car?

It’s all dependent on how much energy your car has remaining. If you let the energy drain down until there is hardly anything left, then it will take you longer to fill up. EV charging points are not as quick as filling up at the petrol station, that’s why it’s a good idea to plug your car up to the energy supply when you arrive at work and check on it at lunchtime. One thing you need to look out for is the type of charging point, some take 8 hours, others could be 4 and some are even quicker being 30- 40 minutes. There are 4 types of EV charges, slow, fast, rapid and wireless.

Is there funding?

You can also get funding for car charging through the Workplace Charging Scheme. The Scheme offers up to £350 per charging point and covers a maximum of 40 charging points. More details can be found on the government website. There is also a grant available to support the purchase of low emission vehicles called the Plug-in Grant in which you can get a grant of up to £2,500 for more details visit the government website.

Make it Greener by switching to Green Energy

Switching over to a green energy tariff will allow you to harness the power of nature! Green energy tariffs work the same as your normal energy tariff and is supplied to you through the national grid. This means that you don’t need anything installing or changing to benefit from green energy! Here at Green Energy Switch, we offer a free online platform that allows you to compare the best green ethical energy tariffs on the market.


We have a fantastic team that is just an email or phone call away. If you are interested in investing in EV charging points or switching to a green tariff, you can contact the team on the below details.

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