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Fuel poverty – how we can help

By October 7, 2021No Comments

A few days ago in the news it was estimated that thousands more people would fall into fuel poverty. This week with the £20 drop in Universal Credit, and the prospect of energy prices sky rocketing it is easy to see why. The most vulnerable people will be hit first and worst, but there are some things that can be done to help save on energy costs and this is where our LEAP service comes in.

All of our support is free thanks to the LEAP Scheme. The scheme is a free service that is helping people keep warm and reduce their energy bills without costing them any money. The eligibility requirements of LEAP are designed to target households that either are already in, or are at risk of falling in to fuel poverty.

It is open to all types of householders – homeowners, private renters and social housing tenants. According to the official Committee on Fuel Poverty, over 10% of households in England are in fuel poverty. ‘Fuel poverty is defined as a situation where someone who is on a relatively low income lives in a house that cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost. 

As part of this free help our advisors will conduct either a telephone call or home visit. During this visit they will provide energy saving advice and can change all light bulbs to LED and fit draught excluders. There are other energy saving measures including checking whether you are on the best and most cost effective energy tariff. There are other schemes that we can refer you too that will help too.

If you are worried the Citizens Advice Bureau also has help available. So if you or someone you know are struggling with your energy bills reach out and see what help is available.

Check here to see if you are eligible:

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