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The media have been talking about the projected energy price cap rises in April, but what does that really mean to the average household? Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert has said that bills may jump an additional £550 in April, that is on top of the extra £230 they were raised last October. It’s a stark reality that Google searches for ‘energy bill help’ has soared by 3000 percent according to a study by Boiler Central.

National Energy Action (NEA) is sounding the alarm that these proposed increases to the country’s energy price cap this coming April will see a dramatic rise in the public’s energy and heating bills. The fuel poverty charity has already cautioned the public that domestic energy bills have also jumped by over £230 per customer compared to last winter.

We have watched with dismay as the ongoing energy crisis has seen multiple suppliers in the UK fall into administration which has exacerbated the ongoing hike in energy prices.

To those in fuel poverty already (which NEA have calculated as 4 millions UK households), this additional cost of the energy price cap rises will be crippling. All of this means that energy bills for many may have doubled in a year.

With many families facing devastatingly high costs this winter, Adam Scorer, the NEA’s Chief Executive, outlined what is really at stake for households this holiday season.

Mr Scorer explained: “Every home should be a warm and safe place, but for over 4.5 million UK households the cold reality is very different and getting much worse.

“The cost of living in the UK is at its highest level in a decade with household energy bills the biggest driver. When the costs of essential services go up, those on lowest incomes get hit hardest.”

If you or someone you know needs energy bill help then there are services available. Here in Peterborough, Rutland and South Cambridgeshire the #LEAP scheme is one that can help with referrals to the Warm Homes Discount, boiler repairs and broken appliance replacement. As part of the call and subsequent visit our Home Energy Advisor will check for an further benefits a resident may be entitled to and install energy saving measures such as free LED lightbulbs and draught excluders as well as checking home insulation.

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