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If you are looking to switch energy supplier, then we have ten great reasons you should switch with us. Energy switching is a part of life, it is the way to ensure you always have the best energy deals, and with climate change threatening our planet, why would you not switch energy with Green Energy Switch?

Save Money
Our customers save over £230 a year on average. Money savings are one of the first reasons everyone looks to switch, and our savings show that we stand out from the crowd.

Save the Planet
Switching to a green tariff can help tackle climate change. Every single person can do something to go towards addressing climate change. If you start by switching to green energy then you’ll already be looking at big carbon savings.

Fantastic Customer Service
We vet every supplier to make sure their customer service is top notch. It is this that really does set us apart from the competition. Our customer service is second to none and our testimonials back that up. It is something we are very proud of as a team.

100% Renewable Energy
Our tariffs are chosen based on their environmental credentials – from 100% ethical sources. Not all green energy suppliers are equal. We offer the best deals for gas and electric  to ensure your energy tariff is fair and ethical.

All Profits Gifted to an Environmental Charity

We are very proud to say that all our profits are gifted to PECT are a charity that works to protect and enhance the environment – making a difference now and for the future. Their environmental projects have been making a difference to local communities for 20 years.

Value for Money
We have chosen competitive tariffs to save you money – being green should not cost the earth. Green tariffs used to be more expensive and so they put people off. This is no longer the case and there are some very competitive deals to be had.

Switching Made Easy
Switch with us online in minutes or call us. It really is that simple!

Your Power
We will match your power to 100% renewable electricity generated from sun, wind, water and biofuels.

Ofgem Accredited
Our site is powered by an Ofgem accredited comparison engine so you can have confidence in our pricing.

Be Smart
Act now and switch with us, save money and the planet.

Switch with us here or call us 01733 646253


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