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#togetherforourplanet – what are we doing

By October 20, 2021October 28th, 2021No Comments

With COP26 only a few weeks away it is important for businesses to look at their sustainability development goals and what they have in place to make carbon savings. #togetherforourplanet is the hashtag used when tagging in COP26 so they can see how many businesses are working towards tackling the climate crisis.

As a profit-for-purpose organisation, we donate all our profits to the environmental charity PECT. The projects PECT work on are detailed here and include creating sustainable green spaces with Forest for Peterborough tree planting and Wildflower Corridors. They have projects around Warm Homes, Fuel poverty and Eco education for schools. Their reach is wide and our donations help those projects continue running.

So, what could you do?

If you are looking to become more sustainable we can help organise EV charging points for your electric vehicles. We can also provide commercial EPCs, LED lighting and solar PV as well as green energy tariffs. Turn the heating down and don’t have doors and window open when the heat is on. Hybrid working also saves on transport costs if your team are still only coming into the office 2/3 days a week.

Your team can also look at recycling, going paperless and having a compost bin for food waste.

Take a look at our business page for more information. The time to act is now so we can all play our part in tackling the climate crisis. Working together we can achieve alot.


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