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Case Study: Peterborough & Wisbech Quakers’ Success Story with Fully Funded EV Charger Installation

Peterborough & Wisbech Quakers, located in a busy urban area, recognised the growing need for EV charging stations to support both their employees and the public. However, the company was concerned about the costs and potential issues related to public use. We referred them to our EV team who specialise in sustainable energy projects such as EV charger installations.


To install EV charging stations at Peterborough & Wisbech Quakers’ premises with minimal disruption, no additional cost, and a tariff system that accommodates the company, building users, and the general public.


Cost Concerns: Ensuring the installation would not incur additional expenses for the company.

Approval Process: Gaining consensus from the building management committee.

Public Use: Managing potential issues related to public access to the EV charging stations.


Our EV team provided a comprehensive solution that included a site visit, detailed planning, and the installation of EV charging stations, all at no cost to Quakers. They also developed a tariff system to manage different user groups effectively.

Implementation Process
  1. Referral and Initial Contact: Upon being referred to our EV team, Quakers received a prompt site visit within days.
  2. Planning and Proposal: Our EV team assessed the site and proposed an installation plan that could commence the following week.
  3. Internal Approval: Although Quakers’ decision-making process took longer, the building management committee was briefed and gave full agreement.
  4. Installation: Once approved, the EV charging stations were installed without any issues. Our EV team installed 2x 7.3kW chargers, providing slow charging capability at this stage, running off the site’s existing supply.
  5. Tariff System: To address concerns about public use, the EV team implemented a three-tier tariff system:

One for the Peterborough & Wisbech Quakers employees.

Second for groups using the building.

Third for the general public.

  1. Smooth Process: The entire installation process was seamless and completed without any cost to Quakers.
  2. Effective Tariff System: The concerns about public usage were effectively managed through a structured tariff system, ensuring all user groups were accommodated.
  3. Gratitude and Future Use: Peterborough & Wisbech Quakers expressed gratitude to GES and our EV team for initiating and managing the process. The installed EV charging stations are expected to be well-used over time.

The collaboration with the EV team and GES resulted in a successful installation of EV charging stations at Peterborough & Wisbech Quakers. This case study highlights the efficiency of the process, the cost-effectiveness, and the tailored solution that addressed both internal and external concerns. The installation of 2x 7.3kW chargers sets a precedent for other companies considering similar sustainable initiatives.

Fully Funded EV Charger Installation: How can we help your business?

With the government announcing no new petrol or diesel cars will be produced past 2035; now is the time to start thinking about your business infrastructure. This means eventually you will need to invest in electric company cars and electric vehicle charging installations. By having EV charging on site, it will save you time and money.

We offer a fully funded and fully managed EV charger installation service for businesses to help ease the transition.

The offering is for a free 7.3Kwh AC twin charger, but other chargers are available. Businesses are subject to site visit and hitting the broad qualification criteria.

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Green Energy Switch (GES) are a dynamic, versatile company that delivers a broad range of energy services across the UK; specialising in working with social landlords and local authorities. Established in 2006 GES is a subsidiary of environmental charity PECT. GES gift-aids its profits back to PECT to help fund its vital work.

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