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Green Energy Switch is pleased to announce that in partnership with SSE (OVO) we have now launched a market-leading green proposition for our void model, providing your portfolio with 100% green energy during the void period*.

OVO has backed your void electricity supply with UK REGO certificates, so it’s certified as 100% renewable; with no additional charges or changes to tariffs.

This means that while your property is supplied by SSE (OVO) and managed by Green Energy Switch, you have the potential to achieve a carbon footprint reduction of up to 80 kgCO2 from your electricity consumption within the void period (per property) **. That’s about the same as the emissions from driving around 300 miles in a diesel car.

* 100% of the electricity supplied to our partners during the standard void property period and sold to SSE Go Green customers is backed by UK REGO certificates. We choose to support renewable electricity generation in the UK and do not purchase cheaper alternative green energy certificates from Europe or elsewhere (i.e. GoOs).

** Calculated based on the difference between carbon emissions of electricity use at SSE’s standard fuel mix compared with the carbon emissions of electricity use at our 100% renewable fuel mix.  Based on an average rented house using 395 kWh of electricity for services typically carried out between tenancies such as property maintenance and refurbishments, over a void period of 28 days.  Typical energy use is based on SSE’s own analysis of customer energy use data.  Carbon emission factors were prepared by the Carbon Trust using a market-based emissions calculation methodology (reflecting SSE’s standard fuel mix and 100% renewable fuel mix for the compliance period 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020) and include lifecycle carbon emissions (cradle to grave, excluding transmission and distribution losses).  The carbon equivalent (driving around 300 miles in an average diesel car) was calculated based on 2020 BEIS emission factors.