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On Thursday GES did something a little bit different to normal, we had a Team Away day at Go Ape!

The overall purpose of the day was not only a reward for the amazing work GES have completed but it was also a day for team building and most of all having fun together!

In recent months, GES have welcomed four new members to GES so it is was absolutely perfect timing.

What does a day at Go Ape consist of?

Great question! Our day was centered around Team Building. We started the day with a game of “Bamboozled”. This was a really fun game, with lots of challenges, including quizzes, paper aeroplane competitions and also Pictionary style drawing games.

We then sat down for a BBQ which the lovely staff at Go Ape provided! This was so yummy and we were very happy with the biodegradable paper plates!

Maybe not the best timing on a full stomach…. GES took to the trees and started the Tree Top Challenge! Which included “Tarzan swings” and Zip lining all the way to the finish line!

What did the GES Team make of the Day?

“The support and pride from the team in whatever I do inspired me to complete the course, allowing me to do something I never thought I would be able to and really making what I thought would be a difficult and grueling day one of the most funny and exciting experiences I’ve ever had ❤ I love this team!!” – Rebecca

“It was an amazing experience and helped us pull together as team and support each other from our fears or just because we felt we could not go on, I definitely felt it helped with everyone getting to know each other that little more” – Vicky

“As someone who previously worked for a company that never organised any days out, I absolutely loved yesterday! It was great bonding for the team and as a new team member, a great way to get to know everyone better. We had a team building game session, were very well looked after and even had a catered BBQ! Everyone smashed the treetop challenge and had a blast” – Luke

“Go Ape was so fun and I really enjoyed having a day out with the team and get to know each member of the GES family more. We all pushed each other to keep on going when some of the courses became tough and we left no man behind! It was such a fab day and I had so much fun. It was nice to know that we have each other’s back inside and outside of the office” – Charlotte

“I really enjoyed the GES away day, It was a great teambuilding Day but also supporting everyone to overcome their own challenges and succeed with no man left behind was a lovely feeling- We have a great team and I am so proud of everyone” – Tamara

“It was a fun filled day that brought us all closer as a team to push through challenges and conquer fears” – Lewis

“As someone who works remotely, it was brilliant to spend time in person with everyone having fun and getting to know our new team members! Go ape was challenging but we got through it together, and it was a great example of what we can achieve as a team!” – Emma

“It was such an important day and I believe we will reap the benefits of this day for along time to come. It helped bring us even closer as a team and the encouragement from everyone was incredibly special to see. A fantastic day!” – Sarah

To find out more about team GES, be sure to check out our team page!

Want to find out more about Go Ape?

We couldn’t recommend Go Ape any more highly, check them out here

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