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Did you know? Green Energy Switch have been Void Management Experts since 2006! We have been supporting Housing Associations and Councils all across the UK and now work with nearly 100!

We are one of the longest running Void Energy Management providers!

Yes, you did hear that right! Green Energy Switch were one of the first providers of a Void Management Service and have been Void Energy Management Experts since way back when! 2006 to be precise! We still work with a lot of the Housing Associations and Councils that joined us back then. We cannot count how many Void Properties we will have helped get power back on, or needed an RTI however we know that we would have handled each and every void with the same amount of care that we do today!

Who can we help?

Our Void Energy Management service is here to help Housing Associations and Councils. We work with over 90 Housing Associations and Councils all across the U.K managing over 500,000 housing stock! Our portfolio of Housing Associations and Councils is growing as we speak and our aim is to help as many as we possibly can, whilst providing our amazing level of customer service. Speak to one of our Void Energy Management Experts today!

Why choose Green Energy Switch?

Well, we like to think there are a few reasons to choose us as your Void Energy Management provider! Firstly, we are a little different to most in this industry, we are a profit for purpose company. Any profits we make as a company, we gift aid to an environmental charity called PECT PECT run lots of amazing environmental projects across the U.K, including a project that has planted over 100,000 trees!

As well as working with an ethical company, you will also receive amazing customer service at all times. Whether you are calling in to ask how to read a SMART meter or emailing to let us know about a meter problem, you will always be greeted with the same amazing level of personal service! Our Void Energy Management experts are trained to the highest level and will always make sure to give you the highest level of service at all times!

Did we mention that we are award winning too?

Yes! You heard that right. Our Void Energy Management Experts have won multiple awards in recent years for their fantastic work, not only managing void properties but also for helping with 1,000’s of vulnerable customers too.

Don’t just take our word for it!

We have used the services of GES since 2009. The system is easy to use and the team are always helpful and patient. It is a pleasure to deal with familiar people rather than sitting on hold for hours to utility companies. Our properties are supplied with electricity for void work to be completed without the delay of former tenant debts. Most importantly, our customer, the tenant is provided with gas and electric and any advice they need.  

Suffolk area Housing Association

We have been working with Green Energy Switch for over 10 years. The service that they provide enables us to re let our properties quicker and means that we don’t have to spend hours on the phone to Energy Companies! They are such a helpful team and always go above and beyond. We also have a 4 hour SLA with them which means we always know we will get a prompt response! We receive void credit and they manage our void billing, saving us even more money! Would recommend to any social housing provider.

Peterborough area Housing Association

Green Energy Switch are consistent in providing an excellent service to our organisation.  They are always very prompt in responding to queries and enquiries and wherever possible find solutions to problematic situations.  They play an invaluable part in our voids process ensuring that there are minimal delays on the utility side of things. 

Norfolk area Housing Association

How do I found out more?

Please take a look at our Void Energy Management page for more information. Also feel free to give us a call on 01733 646253 – opt 1 and speak to one of our Void Energy Management Experts or email us at

We cannot wait to hear from you!

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