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Energy Switching

Why switch to a green energy tariff?

By September 15, 2021No Comments

When it’s time to look at your energy provider, what do you consider? Price right? Most of the time switching energy suppliers is about having the best deal. Many years ago green energy tariffs came onto the market and although they were better for the planet, many people avoided them considering they were too expensive.

There have been great strides in the renewables market and now green energy tariffs are competitive with other providers.

So, why would you switch to a green energy tariff?

  • It’s better for the environment

Lower carbon emissions are what this planet needs to survive. If you know about climate change and COP26, then you will understand that each of us can play a part in making those changes. Fossil fuels will not be around forever and will be replaced by renewable energy.

  • It can save you money

Simply put, there are some really great deals out there at the moment. Take a few minutes and check on our site: Switching – Green Energy Switch

  • Better customer service

Since many green energy suppliers are smaller than the big operators, you are likely to receive better customer service or a more personal service when you deal with them.

  • The energy will never run out

Using solar power and wind, the energy is clean and from a sustainable natural source. Known as clean energy, it is still best to do some research into the green energy supplier you are choosing, as all as not as green as they seem.

In a recent study by the National Housing Federation homes in the UK are a bigger threat to the climate due to their carbon emissions. It claims there are 25 million properties producing 58.5 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, compared to 27 million cars emitting 56 million tons.

Switching to a green energy tariff is the first step in looking at lowering those carbon emissions, but the bigger picture means there should be more sweeping changes.

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